Runners World August 2014 – 12 Week Half-Marathon Training Plan

This plan was created by Andrew Kastor, head coach of the Mammoth Track Club, an elite training team. It emphasizes race-pace miles, which train the body to be super efficient at your target goal pace, and long runs for endurance-a combination that prepares you for fast times. The program includes four to six days of running and is designed for speed work, newbies and veterans alike.

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Finish line celebration!

Throw your hands up at the end of the marathon!! Celebrate!!!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It was a pleasure to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from friend and CEO of the ASICS LA Marathon Tracey Russell. I now challenge ASICS America CEO Kevin Wolff, Mammoth Mountain VP Erik Forsell, and Greg Welch of Oakley. Visit the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Facebook page to donate and help fight Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Active Isolated Stretch, Quad and hipflexor

Active Isolated Stretching, stretching out the hip flexor and quad muscles is hugely important for maintaining flexibility in these two powerful muscle groups during marathon training. Be sure to have good posture, remain “tall” throughout the exercise and contract the hamstrings with each stretch.

Active Isolated Stretching, Glutes

Stretching this muscle group is very important due to the fact that it will help with knee flexion, or lifting or raising of the knee. It’s also a great way to warm up the hip flexors before running. Be sure to pull your knee across the mid-line of your body, to the opposite shoulder to get the most out of the stretch.

Running Form

Running form, running technique, and bio-mechanics are all the same thing. Each of us has our own running style on how to get from point A to point B the quickest. It is important to run very relaxed. This is the most efficient way to run, by far.

Strides, short easy sprints

Strides are a very relaxed sprint lasting approximately 10-12 seconds. Accelerate very gradually, hitting about 80% of max speed or velocity, then decelerate gradually. Perform a set of 4-5 of these about 1-2 times per week to enhance your running ability and help keep you injury free.