Mammoth Track Construction

Building of the track at Mammoth! This track is nestled at 7000′ above sea-level. Come up and train!

Join the LA Road Runners

The Los Angeles Road Runners training group is a wonderful way to training for the ASICS LA Marathon each March. The LARR offers weekly training runs in Venice, CA along with coaching, training plans and social events. Check out the website:

Intro to Active Isolated Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching is the best way to stretch and warm up the body before running.

Wear loose fitting clothes

First day of practice, wear the proper attire! Get yourself fitted with a running kit, running shorts, running shirt, running socks and perfectly fitted running shoes.

Warming Up before your training run

Make the transition smooth from waking up in the morning to taking your first step out the door by performing light stretches for the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Just walking around for a few minutes before heading out the door loosens up all these structures.

Active Isolated Stretch, Quads

Active Isolated Stretching for the Quads. This muscle group gets beat up during marathon training and requires lots of stretching to help repair the damage. Be sure to try and progress 1 degree of range of motion with each rep. If there is one stretch that you perform each day, its this one!!! Be sure to keep your femur parallel with the ground.

Active Isolated Stretching with and without a rope

In this video, Deena is demonstrating a simple straight legged hamstring stretch using a rope and just her hands. Be sure to use the hip flexor muscle to raise your leg into stretch position and your hands or the rope to assist with the last 1-2 percent of the stretch.