Personal Online Coaching

Elite Coaching Package:

$500 per month with a 4 month commitment

The “Elite Coaching Package” is designed for the runner seeking new goals, achieving personal bests or wanting to slow the rate of inevitable decline! I will personally monitor your training and progress, to ensure that proper adaptation to your training loads are being met without injury. Athlete feedback is essential to their success. Athletes can email or text at any time and can expect a quick response. Having this close contact with the athlete enables me to construct a racing plan when the time comes to test your fitness. With unlimited emails and texts per month, communication between coach and athlete is easy, frequent, and at your finger tips. A monthly training program document will be emailed to you on or before the 28th of every month.

    Rick Wood

    Coach Andrew has coached me for five years through five marathons, including the 2012 Houston Marathon in which I achieved a PR at age 60 and finished first in my age group. He is a caring and inspirational coach, full of wisdom beyond his years, a friend, a mentor, and somehow able to extract the best from each of his athletes. I have often said to him, “You made me a runner!” I am now able to say, “Thanks to you, I am an elite masters runner!”

    Dennis Cox

    Andrew coached me to my first marathon a few years ago and helped me break my goal time.  I continue to run with Andrew’s High Sierra Striders and enjoy every workout.  Andrew knows his stuff and I totally trust his coaching.  He takes the guesswork out of my workouts; as long as I do what he says and provide him honest feedback, my risk of injury remains small and the chances of meeting my goals are great.  Not only is Andrew passionate about coaching and running, he is also passionate about people.  He makes an effort to ask questions and listen to you and he remembers what you say.