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Running Form

Running form, running technique, and bio-mechanics are all the same thing. Each of us has our own running style on how to get from point A to point B theRead More…

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Strides, short easy sprints

Strides are a very relaxed sprint lasting approximately 10-12 seconds. Accelerate very gradually, hitting about 80% of max speed or velocity, then decelerate gradually. Perform a set of 4-5 ofRead More…

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Mammoth Track Construction

Building of the track at Mammoth! This track is nestled at 7000′ above sea-level. Come up and train!

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Join the LA Road Runners

The Los Angeles Road Runners training group is a wonderful way to training for the ASICS LA Marathon each March. The LARR offers weekly training runs in Venice, CA alongRead More…

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Intro to Active Isolated Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching is the best way to stretch and warm up the body before running.

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